1. JS Date methods

    Making sense of the Date object and its common methods in JS..

  2. It's the little things.

    In which I learn a few valuable lessons from a file consisting of two characters.

  3. Understanding h-cards

    Note to self on h-cards and beginning to make sense of their class names.

  4. Favicons in root with Eleventy

    A simple way to get any and all favicon variations in root for an Eleventy site.

  5. Scratch that Itch

    This is about giving kids the freedom to explore and experiment in Scratch, and knowing when to step in and nudge them past frustration, or give a lasting insight into good coding practice.

  6. Build Your Own TACO

    A new mnemonic for organizing information

  7. Relative Font Weights Considered Harmful

    The `bolder` and `lighter` keywords may not work the way you expect, so use them wisely, if at all.

  8. Relative URLs Demystified

    Explaining the meaning of slashes and dots in various combinations

  9. In Praise of Weird Stuff

    In which I remember how being the weird one in the family helped me become a little more weird.

  10. Using the Wordnik API

    Creating a shell function to get quick dictionary definitions on the command line, because, why not?

  11. Ch-Ch-Changes

    Changing your shell to fish and back.

  12. A Real Hero for the 90s

    In 1992 I jumped on the comics bandwagon and co-created a skateboarding superhero. What might have been?

  13. Bear's Big Day

    A comic inspired by a day of drawing with my kid.

  14. Number Ones β€” 1976

    Radio Ethiopia by the Patti Smith Group was the best album of the bicentennial

  15. An Acrostic Movie List

    My name spells trouble, and also a pretty great collection of movies.

  16. People Not To Be at Tech Conferences

    (or Anywhere Else)

  17. Bundle Up Your Inbox to Be a Better Dev

    Seven of the Best Newsletters for Front EndΒ Folks

  18. Class Struggle in the 21st Century

    An argument on the losing side, against presentational class names.

  19. You're Saying It Wrong

    Because my opinions are the best opinions

  20. Action Movie One Liners

    Get bent!

  21. Thirteen

    In the McDonald's parking lot we saw a woman cornered in a phone booth by a large, angry man. A small crowd of twenty-somethings sat comfortably nearby on parking bumpers as if they were watching Shakespeare in the Park.

  22. Excerpt From Plateau

    An unfinished YA novel I may finish someday

  23. The Syntax of Panels in Narrative Comics

    Thoughts on making comics, written for a friend.

  24. That Time I Almost Killed a Kid

    Posting as a form of self-medication.