I live with my wife and two boys in Ballard, Seattle's still quirky but increasingly gentrified old Nordic fishing community. We live in an old Craftsman that's needed a lot of work since before we inherited it, and maybe we'll get around to that before we pass it along.

I'm a front-end developer at the University of Washington School of Law, and I'd like to stay here until I retire and collect my lovely union pension. I'm now taking over responsibility for overseeing email marketing as well, am beginning to think about the future of our CMS as well helping with the user interface on the library website.

I am not interested in your VC-funded whatever or anything connected to Amazon. I'm not trying to disrupt anything. We've had more than enough of that.

I've recently put my old webcomic back online, at my older kid's encouragement, and am slowly adding my old daily white board drawings to a second comic called #WhiteBoard385. These were previously only available on Instagram.

Does anyone remember that site? It was the last hopeful reach of the old internet before it slipped away forever.

But my current jam is one I keep coming back to: Postman by SLONK. The line that always gets me is, "How do people find the time? They find success, they enjoy their lives." So many things to love about this project, this album, and this song.