I've grown my beard back at my 11 year old's request, and lost 20 lbs. so I can stick around a little longer.

I live with my wife and two boys in Ballard, which used to be Seattle's sleepy Nordic fishing community, but is now the home of a thousand cranes and probably more breweries than many states. We live in a century old plus Craftsman that needs a lot of work, and maybe we'll get to that before retirement.


I'm a front end web developer at the University of Washington School of Law, and I'd like to stay here until I retire and collect my lovely union pension.

I am not interested in your VC-funded whatever or anything connected to Amazon.

I've neglected my whiteboard drawings, mostly because the pandemic has kept me away from the whiteboard, but I still draw a bit at home, especially with the kids.

This is My Jam

Does anyone remember that site? It was the last hopeful reach of the old internet before it slipped away forever.

But my current jam is Main Street Wizards, mainly because I stumbled onto a beautiful way to play the song very simply on acoustic guitar.

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