Den McHenry

A Letter From Den


I've decided to start writing letters to myself with a simple illustration of some kind in each. I don't expect anyone to subscribe, but if they did, I guess that would be pretty cool. I'm using TinyLetter, and will be doing something every week.

The main idea is to do something new for myself in a simple format: a short letter with an illustration. I'll aim to do it weekly, and use it as a way to anchor the other things I want and need to be doing. It's kind of a metronome, ticking slowly — very slowly. But each time it ticks, it's another week that has or hasn't seen the completion of this or that other thing.

The inaugural offering, that went out to me and almost no one else, is something I've been thinking a lot about the last week or so: a musical discovery almost a quarter century ago. Here's the illustration, which I don't plan to include in future blog posts:

A cartoonish self-portrait of my younger self from the nineties, looking surprised as the band names the Grifters, Pavement, and Polvo surround my head.

The newsletter is called A Letter from Den, and the first note is titled In praise of weird stuff. You can read it in the browser, and if it seems worthwhile, you can also sign up for more like it in the future.