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About Den

Web Developer. Cartoonist. Dad of the Year.

I am a Front End Web Developer with the University of Washington School of Law. I've also worked as a one-person design and web services shop under the name Rookish Design, and before that I taught high school Latin for several years.

Fun projects

Ch-ch-changes | Convert your text among any of six different styles, including camelCase (commonly used in JavaScript) and spinal-case (AKA kebab-case, commonly used in CSS).

Kompvtor | This fake "terminal" is really a demo of a custom caret (text cursor). It responds to some basic commands and combines a few geeky references with the geekiest of art forms: ASCII art.

STIKHOI | A method for displaying classical verse (e.g., Homer, Sappho, Horace) in HTML with proper line numbers and indentation (where applicable). [Github]

Peyote Internet Theatre | This is a Jeff Buckley tribute site I made before you were born. The Internet Archive saved the Geocities page as far as back as 1999, but I'm sure it existed in some form before Jeff died. I remember reaching out to a friend and photographer of Jeff's for permission to use some of the images I was already using (like every other tribute site), and the correspondence moved me to pull it all down out of respect. I wrote the In Memoriam and posted the the scans from the St. Ann's memorial program within days of the service so that content dates to August, 1997.

Around that time I also maintained an FAQ for the Afghan Whigs listserv, Congregation, but I have no idea what happened to that or where it lived. The internet of those days is like a lost civilization.

Twitter Bots

These were written in Node.js and served up on Heroku.

@DistichaCatonis | The Distichs of Cato; Latin couplets on moral advice, tweeted randomly. [Github]

@LotsByVergil | The Sortes Vergilianae, powered by the Aeneid API. Ask Vergil for your fortune (and then ask a Latinist what it means). [Github]


Medium | Mostly articles about web development and coding culture.

The CAMPVS | A blog about Greek, Latin, & Classical Humanities.

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